iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S to be revealed on Sep 10, launched on Sep 20?

According to ever growing pile of rumours surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S and the low-cost iPhone 5C smartphones, the handsets will be launched on September 20, ten days after both are officially announced. Tech Maniacs, a Greek blog credits an anonymous tipster for revealing the two iPhones will be launched on September 20, after they are announced at an official event on September 10, while the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 are expected to be revealed some time in October and launched on October 25. Tech Maniacs also revealed that the final version of the massively redesigned iOS 7 will be out on September 16.
The dates revealed by Tech Maniacs is only the latest in a long list of rumours about the iPhone 5C. Earlier this month, we saw a whole bunch of images that claimed to depict the iPhone 5C. These images showed that iPhone 5C could look very similar to the iPhone 5 except for its plastic back and reliance on curved edges. Also, the images didn’t show physical volume or mute buttons, which made us suspicious about the veracity of the photos. The speculation about the iPhone 5C’s pricing is also all over the place with different sources claiming the “low-cost” phone could cost anything from $300 to $500 (Rs. 19,300 to Rs. 32,000 approx.).

Similarly, Apple was also rumoured to have started manufacturing the iPhone 5S- the real successor to the iPhone 5- back in July. The iPhone 5S is also expected to bring some new features to the table including an updated camera module which has both the camera and the lens moulded on it.

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