Interested in iPhone 11? You can see its launch live on YouTube this year

It’s only a matter of few days before we get to see the brand new iPhones for 2019. This year, the hype may not be as high as it was last year for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR but there’re still a lot of upgrades that we will be able to see on the iPhone XI series. Rumours and leaks have suggested a triple camera setup for the flagship models and a lot of other meaningful updates. And if you are even remotely interested in the new iPhones, you will probably be interested to see Tim Cook unveil the phones. Well, Apple has made it easier for you this year.

Because unlike previous years, Apple has finally decided to stream the iPhone 11 launch live on YouTube. This is possibly the first time Apple is doing it, i.e. livestreaming its launch live on YouTube. In India, you will able to catch the Livestream from 10:30 pm on September 10, i.e. Tuesday. The iPhone XI launch is possibly one of the biggest events for Apple this and knowing that people would be interested in watching it online without having to rely on Apple devices, it is a nice move.

Previously, Apple has always live-streamed its launches via the Keynote app on Apple devices. Last year, Apple made an exception for the first time when it broadcasted its iPhone XS launch live on Twitter. Apple usually uploads its launch event shows on its YouTube channels after the broadcast is over. But this is for the first time there will be a live broadcast on YouTube.

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