POCO Launcher now available on Google Play Store for free

One feature that differentiates the Xiaomi Poco F1 from the other Xiaomi smartphones (except for the Android One devices) is the fact that the Xiaomi Poco F1 comes with a different launcher, which offers features like app tray, third-party icon support, and automatic grouping apps based on the color of the app icon and the functionality of the specific apps. The Poco launcher was designed to offer a stock Android like user experience on the Xiaomi Poco F1. And now, the Poco F1’s Poco launched is available for compatible Android smartphones for free of cost. The Poco launcher is available on both Google Play Store and Xiaomi Mi App store for free of cost. The only requirement to use the Poco launcher on your Android smartphone is that fact that the select smartphone has to run on Android 5 lollipop or the latest version of the Android OS. The file size is around 16 MB, and now available for download for free of cost. Download the Poco launcher here from the Google Play store Poco launcher features Other than offering a stock Android like app tray, Poco launcher also comes with additional features. Here is the summary of the features provided on the Xiaomi’s Poco launcher. The Poco launcher offers a clean home screen, by putting all apps together on the app drawer, which provides a neat and clean home screen, which can be used to showcase your wallpaper skills. The Poco launcher also comes with a feature called convenient search, with this feature, users can search apps based on the color of the app icons, which will also help the user to manage the overall home screen. Manage apps – Group apps by category automatically or create custom groups always to keep essential things just a tap away. Similarly, users can hide specific apps as well. Usually, users have to create custom groups, whereas the Poco launcher can automatically generate custom groups depending on the functionalities of the apps. Ex: apps like Amazon Prime videos and Netflix will be under a single folder called streaming services. Users can also change the name of the folder as well.

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