Gmail for iOS Gets Payments, Snooze Email Features

A year after introducing the ability to send or request money on Android app, Gmail is finally extending its pay friends feature to its iOS users. The Send Money via attachment option is now available on iOS, and is powered by Google Pay.

As part of the Gmail for iOS version 5.0.180422, iOS users will be able to send and request money from Gmail using the Google Pay feature. The feature lets Gmail users pay anyone with an email address – the recipient doesn’t necessarily have to use Gmail. Notable, Apple’s own Mail application does not support Apple Pay or Apple Pay Cash, making the launch by Google rather interesting.

In addition to that, iOS users will also be able to snooze emails. The feature makes the email disappear for a while and then show up later as a fresh email. Users will be able to choose the preset amount of time for which an email will be snoozed.

Gmail for iOS v5.0.180422 is now listed on the App Store, and the snooze functionality is reportedly rolling out slowly to users, so despite updating to the latest version of the app, you may have a wait a little while for snooze to become available.

To recall, Gmail for Android got the snooze feature late last month. Alongside, another new feature was spotted – the ability to ‘Mark unread from here’, allowing users to mark all successive mails in a mail chain as unread after a certain point. An APK teardown at that point in time had also indicated Google may soon offer customizable swipe actions to users.

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