Facebook will remove messages mocking deaths

Facebook will block content against high publicity deaths as well. Prior to highly talked about death, if the person had any post that allowed public commenting, the profile can be flooded with spam and unkind messages from strangers.

Menlo Park (California): “I am so glad she`s dead” or “That`s what she gets” will no longer be up on your Facebook page as the social network giant will now remove such scurrilous comments about users who have passed away and has tweaked community standards for memorialised profiles to make it more bearable for the grieving families.

Facebook will no longer allow comments praising or supporting the death, disease or harm of an individual even though posts like “I am so glad she`s dead” traditionally do not violate the social media company`s self-driven “community standards”.

Laura Hernandez, an assistant manager on the content managing team of Facebook said at the first ever International Press Day at company`s sprawling headquarters in Menlo Park that any family member can now report harassment on behalf of the deceased.

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