Facebook to proactively shut down fake Pages, Groups

New Delhi: In a bid to make Pages more transparent and accountable, social media giant Facebook said that will proactively shut down fake Groups and Pages that don’t meet with its Community Standards.

In an official post, Facebook said people who manage a Page will see a new tab that shows when it remove certain content that goes against Facebook’s Community Standards. Secondly, Facebook is  updating its recidivism policy to better prevent those who have had Pages removed for violating its Community Standards from using duplicate Pages to continue the same activity.

Facebook said that it will be providing more information in the Page Quality tab over time. “To start, we’re including content removed for policies like hate speech, graphic violence, harassment and bullying, and regulated goods, nudity or sexual activity, and support or praise of people and events that are not allowed to be on Facebook,” the social media giant said.

Facebook said that this time around when it removes a Page or group for violating our policies, it may now also remove other Pages and Groups even if that specific Page or Group has not met the threshold to be unpublished on its own.

“To enforce this updated policy, we’ll look at a broad set of information, including whether the Page has the same people administering it, or has a similar name, to one we’re removing,” Facebook added.

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