UVify Draco Quad Racing Drone Pre-Orders Start From $499 (video)

UVify has been showcasing their new quad racing drone called Draco at CES 2017 this week offering a hands-on look at the new drone which is capable of speeds over 75 mph.

As well as high top speeds the Draco ready-to-fly racing drone is also capable of performing 360° flips and offers pilots and unparalleled mobility says UVify. The Draco racing drone is now available to preorder at a discounted price of $499 offering a considerable saving of the $599 recommended retail price.

UVify Draco Quad Racing Drone

Check out the promotional video below to learn more about the racing drone which is constructed using a tough and lightweight carbon-fiber shell that is also water resistant and can withstand inclement weather.


Through rigorous pilot-testing, each aspect of Draco is optimized for performance. Professional racers and newcomers alike can fly Draco with ease, accuracy and exhilaration. Draco’s innovative rapid-swap intelligent battery enables you to transport your gear without worries. UVify’s energy system maintains the battery when not in use to ensure maximum output and performance. UVify’s Minicharger is another industry first, giving you the ability to switch out your battery quickly and safely.

UVify is transforming the way humans fly. Our team of (literal) rocket scientists has radically improved drone technology to maximize performance. The result? Lightweight, lightning-fast drones that are easy to use, modify, and repair. Defy expectations with the most advanced racing drones in the world. Optimized for racing, freestyling and extreme aerial cinematography, Dracos come flight-ready with powerful features and easy-to-use functionality.

Source: UVify

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