Moto G7 now available in the US, the rest of the G7 not there yet

The first of Motorola’s new G7 family is available in the US – the Moto G7 can be yours for $300. It’s compatible with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Google Fi. There’s a choice between Black and White, but when it comes to memory, 4/64GB is the only option.

The rest of the G7 lineup is not available yet, not in the US, anyway. The Moto G6 is down to $180, though, if you’re looking for a lower cost alternative.


See it. Like it. Want it. Now you can buy it too. The new #motog7 is on sale now! 


The Moto G7 Power is already available in India. The full lineup is available in Brazil, Mexico and Spain.

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