LG to launch global smartphone brands in India after 5G roll out

Hyderabad: Pinning hopes on 5G launch by mid 2020, Korean tech giant, LG plans to introduce some of its global 5G-enabled smart phone brands in India, a senior company official said Thursday.

“By the middle of 2020, we expect the 5G will be rolled out in India. In the global market in US, Korea and some parts of Europe where 5G was launched, LG has launched LG V 50,” Business Head Mobiles-LG India Advait Vaidya said.

“We have this platform of connected cloud called thinkQ. By the time 5G comes (to India), we will have almost one year of 5G (experience). By the time 5G comes to India we will have a portfolio of devices and there will be a lot of learnings because these markets would be live with it,” he told PTI.

Vaidya said it was a known fact that LG has not been an effective player in the smartphone segment in India and the mobile maker’s intent is to become a significant player in the countrybefore 5G is rolled out.

LG announced the introduction of three devices under its W series, which would be available online in partnership with Amazon.In, as it aims to sell about one million units by December-end.

The new brands W10, W30 and W30 pro would be available from July 3, he said.

Vaidya further said the “W” series was going to be a game changer for LG and turn around the business to take the mobile maker a respectable position in the market.

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